jane eyre chapter 4

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  • Jane Eyre Chapter 4 Summary and analysis
    • Jane is not aware that she is being sent to school but she is fond of the idea
    • Christmas passes which is a hard for her as she is unloved by the Reeds
      • She is left out of the celebrations and has to eat alone
    • She begins to stand up to John Reed more
      • So when her aunt scolds her she argues back
    • Mr Brocklehurst make a visit to Gateshead
    • Jane criticises Mrs Reed for her cruelty towards her
    • Jane's dislike towards Psalms  shows she has a unique way of thinking
    • Mrs Reed's comment about keeping Jane humble shows that Jane is unlucky because she is female and will have to work
    • The ridge of lighted heath symbolises fire which is an occurring theme throughout the novel of Jane Eyre
    • Mr Brocklehurst is an important character because he introduces the theme of religion


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