Information Systems: Validation And Verification

Cards about the topic of validation and verification.



The information produced by a system is only as good as the quality of the data that is input.

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Errors in data can have far-reaching effects.

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Errors can occur when data is:

  • Captured
  • Transcribed
  • Transmitted
  • Processed
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Errors can be reduced in a variety of ways, including:

  • Using automatic data capture methods such as OCR or OMR that remove the need for transcription
  • Verification checks
  • Validation checks such as presence check, range check, type check, format check, cross-field check, look-up list and check digit
  • Thorough analysis and specification that takes into account all possible circumstances
  • Thorough testing
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Valid Data

Data that is valid may not be accurate or correct.

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