Validation and Verification

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  • Validation and Verification
    • Validation
      • These are checks that are done on data to ensure that it is sensible and to ensure it is within a given range
      • One check is a length check and this is a check that is used to make sure that a phrase is the correct length
      • Another check is a format check that makes sure that the phrase is of the correct format
      • A character check makes sure that the correct characters are being used
      • A cross filed check is used to cross check data being inout into a system against the original source of the data
      • The 2 kinds of validation errors are Transposition errors ('ot' ratehr than 'to') and transcription errors (problems understnding words or sppech and therefore mistyping words)
    • Verification
      • Theses are checks that are done to make sure that the information is true
      • One check is sending back printouts such as recipts and this is useful as it shows the data that has been inout
      • A double entry check can be used and this is normally on passwords on websites where you have to enter your password twice


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