Validation & Verification in Online Systems

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Validation & Verification
1) Validation and verification are very important in online shopping systems.
Describe using suitable relevant examples, how these methods are used to
reduce data entry errors in online shopping systems. (4 marks)
Presence checks would be used when shopping online. When entering the
details of your address, name etc. all fields need to be entered where it is
required. The presence check would check that all fields have been filled or
then the order will not be processed because it has missing information.
Format checks would be used to make sure that the postcode has the same
pattern. For example, postcode would be followed as L (Letter) N (Number)
and then N (Number) L (Letter) L (Letter).
Banks use verification and validation methods to reduce data entry errors in their
online banking systems.
1) Define the term verification. Name and describe on verification method used in
online banking systems. (3 marks)
Verification is the checks that the data being used typed in matches exactly
the data on the document used to supply the information. One verification
method used to check that there are no mistakes on the system is when
entering the data twice. In some cases, when entering you choose a new
password you have to type it in twice. It allows the computer to check that if
you have typed it correctly both times and that there is no mistakes. It
verifies that the first version is the same as the second version.
2) Define the term validation. Name and describe one validation method used in
online banking systems. (3 marks)
Validation is the process which ensures that data accepted for processing is
sensible and reasonable. An example of validation in online banking systems is
length checks. When entering your security number at the back of the card, a
certain length of numbers is needed. For example, you need to enter your
security number, only three numbers are allowed. So if you type in more than
3 or less than 3 it will be checked to ensure that only 3 numbers are inserted.


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