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Developing ICT solutions

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Factors that contribute to a successful developmen

Ict Projects have a project sponsor who will be a senior manager wanting a problem to be solved or a group of managers who want a problem solved using ICT.

Milestones: Points in a project that marks the end of logical stages. The stages are then reviewed. Deliverables: Parts of the project that are completed and signed off by the client/project if they are happy.

Management and end user involvement benefits  -  They can be clear about project scope, requiremnts before the project is started.

- They can agree on budget and timescale, milestones and delieverables.

- Managers consulted for help on how things work, designs, content of reports.

- Be present at meetings to check budget isnt likely to be exceeded. Ensure team are producing a system they are happy with and actually need.

End users: People who will use the system on a day to day basis. They know there part of the business in detail and can give useful input.

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Team work

Why work in a team: Too big to work on own, bring together different skills, bounce ideas off each other. Each allocated a proportion of the task.

Problems: May not get on with everyone, unequal division of work, people may have to work harder than others.

To work well in a team they need to reach agreement on project aims and goals.

Involve the customer all the time. - Less likely to be disspointed and less cause for complaint.

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Factors contributing to a failure of a system

Factors leading to a poor system.

1) Over complex system

2) Lack of formal methods

3) Bad initial analysis

4) Poor management

5) Inappropriate hardware and software

6) Lack of proffessional standards

7) Poor communication results in a system which dosnt match requiremnets.

Losing control of the project plan: Budget, staff, which parts the staff are working on, deliverables,milestones, completion of project.

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