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Topic 1

Emerging Technologies; technologies in the process of development that will likely shape the future

Mobile Working:method of working; employee works from home instant from the office

Bluetooth:A standaing for sending data using short-range radio signals, e.g. Teenagers sending photos/music by mobile phone

devices using this tool: Printers, digital cameras,laptop, mobile phone wireless headset for calls

Blackberry: A PDA(Personal Digital Assitant) Multiple uses; calling- recieving & out-going, Email,Internet,text messaging

Mobile Phones:calls;out-going and recieved, texting, music player, browsing on the internet

Nanotechnology:Scientific technology:not made yet set to transform lives. Nanometre 1/100,000 thickness of a human hair  future use: Printable electronic circuits, personnel computers with the power of today's computer centres.

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Topic 1

Robotics: Created for chores; lawn,guttters,vaccum,swimming pool  Military- bomb disarment

Biotechnology:Biology technology- genetics molecular biology, cell bioology into use forms of ICT

Potential Ict usage

Wireless Energy: constant recharge limited time without charging. Witricity - wireless electricty charger

Novel User interface- Mobile small keyboard but Iphone touch screen meaning screen size is large taking space occupied by keyboard

Flexible screen:Milimetres thick and light. Making it easy to fold up/roll up. Use small amount of energy; original power last long means it good for the environment less recharging 

WEB 2.0: acces to video, listen to radio due to highly improved data transmission speed. High speed internet access.

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Topic 1

Smart cars:microships installed in cars to prevent accidents from happen due to human errors in traffic system

DNA- National database: purpose to prevent crime; make arrest offernders in jail, help offices in their investigations. Samples of DNA are taken and used in investigations and stored. Problems:  Privacy: not everyone is a crinimal so not everyone' DNA should be stored, police have different opinion

Face recognition: uninsured drivers not on database DLVA, harder to find if license plate is put on the system & identify passengers. Existed system helps to find documents if a car is uninsured or is

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Topic 1

Problems with future ict


Health: a rise in obesity, too much tim on devices and machines e.g. Game consoles & DVD player

routine: less leisure time: less TV watching more internet time

Stress: people anxious,annoyed with learning new stuff with ICT systems; viruses,program crashes


Music: buy/listen; normally go to store noow illegally majority of users download or buy from external services e.g.itunes

Social networking & TV: replacing physical interaction communcation is now online(linked to obesity) avaiable programmes allow public to watch whenever it's convenient e.g. BBC iplayer

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Topic 1


Increase of carbon footprint by increase use of ICT

Toner/ink cartidge=now refill instead of thrown away and buy new one

Telecommuting; employees working at home= decreasing congestion & C02


Personal time: use organisation resources for personal use e.g. emails

Monitor: organisation monitor employees use of internet

Help forums - students in colleges/Universities buy essays on topics + subjects online = cheating

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Topic 1


Size of computer- microprocessors small size = portable devices

User System Interface: People want ability to communicate with computer Difficult with accuracy of speech recognition e.g.Iphione 4; don't understand Scottish accent

Battery life; devices need constant recharging= intro mircoships use litle power e.g. laptops run longer without use main power


Privacy: Britain toomuch technology feel like Big Brother- Heathrow T5 idea, identify passengers using finger printing= turns out illegal to do so

Internet: Unathorised permission to use wifi networks= access internet hacker use bandwidth divided amingst users.

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Topic 1

Economic; Workforce:New generation built around ICT  so need ICTsystem

R&D:Companies invest in new development take risk= possible outcome compete in area of expertise

Implications; Problems in society and potential abuse of technology

more dependence on ICT; workers uasge of ICT

Development of machines for common use:Robotics-cleaning devices e.g. lawn mower

improvement in health dept: database holding more key information & ICT controlled scanners prevent illness

Video 'happy slapping' posted on socil networking sites e.g. YouTube promoting cyber-bullying

Identify theft: High risk; credit/debit cards transactions online, shady retailer websites

Illegal sharing of copyright materials e.g. music/films

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