How did the Cold War develop? EDEXCEL

A set of brief 'What, When, Why, Who' cards. Very blunt and to the point as that's how I learn best :)

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Tehran Conference


  • When: 1943
  • Who: Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill
  • What they agreed on: UK & USA would open a 'second front' in 1944. United Nations Organisation would be set up after WW2.
  • What they disagreed on:Stalin was annoyed that UK & USA delayed the opening of the 'second front' till 1944 - felt like they were waiting until USSR had been weakend by Germany.
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Yalta Conference

  • When:Feb 1945
  • Who: Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill


  • What they agreed on: Divide Germany into 4 zones - France, UK, USA & USSR each occupy one zone each. Divide Berlin into 4 zones - France, UK, USA & USSR each occupy one zone each.
  • What they disgreed on: How much Germany should pay in reparations, Stalin wanted higher figure than the others.


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Potsdam Conference

  •  When: July 1945


  • Who: Stalin, Truman, Attlee


  • What they agreed on: The Big Three would make all the decisions about the future of Germany together. All 3 agreed to take part in United Nations.
  • What they disagreed on: Stalin wanted a weak Germany but Truman disagreed - Truman felt that a weak Germany would lead to another Hitler taking over.
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Iron Curtain

  • When: 1946
  • Who by: Stalin


  • Where was it: Cut off Capitalist Western Germany with Communist Eastern Germany and vice versa.
  • Why: Created a 'buffer zone' for Stalin and would protect Soviet from further attacks and he was surrounded by friendly Communist countries. Kept Capitalists out of Eastern Europe. Stalin wanted to use propaganda to tell how Communist was good but Capitalist was bad. Capitalist countries could not interfere.
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Truman Doctrine


  • When: 1947
  • By Who: USA President Truman


  • What was it: A statement that USA would help any country that was being threatened from either outside or inside its own borders. America was now determined to intervene in Europe to contain Communism and stop it from spreading.
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Marshall Aid (Plan)

  • When:1947
  • Who was it offered to: All countries of Europe including Soviet Union. However the money must be used to build a Capitalist Society. USA knew Stalin would refuse and he did, he also refused to let countries behind the Iron Curtain to accept it.
  • What was it: Aid - money, equipment, goods.
  • Why: Most Western Europe countries had been devasted during WW2 and their industry damaged. USA wanted to give money to them so they could rebuild their country. To make sure countried of Western Europe stayed Capitalist, giving them more allies. To show Communist countries behind the Iron Curtain how much better Capitalism was. America needed to export many goods abroad in order to stay rich - if Western Europe was poor, they wouldn't be able to buy American goods. America told the World it was giving Marshall Aid because it wanted to help its allies.
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  • When was it created: 1947
  • What was it: A political organisation containing all leaders of Communist countried set up and run by Soviet Unioin.


  • Why: To make sure all Communist countried followed Soviet aims and policies. Allowed Soviet Union to make it easier to control its allies.


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  • When was it given: 1949
  • What was it: Aid given to countries of Eastern Europe by Soviet Union. Usually it was exchanging goods.
  • Why: To make sure the countries behind the Iron Curtain stayed Communist. By trading together, Stalin hope Communist countries become more dependant on each other and friendlier. Allowed economic specialisation e.g. East Germany specialised in heavy goods whilst Hunagry produced food.
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