Henry VIII and relationships with the french and scottish

Throughout Henry VIIIs reign he encountered many problems with the french and scottish through the auld alliance which had been about for a great amount of time.

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The Battle of Solway Moss

-Henrys army led by Duck of Norfolk led an attack on scotland and for a number of days certain parts of scotland were sacked, possesions were stolen and women were ***** and killed

-6 days after the end of the initial attack the scots led anb army of over 20,000 men to fight the english at Solway Moss, the English won even though there were fewer people in the english army

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The aftermath

- Shortley after James V died but his heir was only 2 weeks old and her mother was a french princess

-The possibility of Henrys son edward could marry the baby queen of scots brought about the possibility of bringing scitland under english control

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The treaty of Greenwich 1543

- In 1543 the treaty of Greenwich was made which secured the marriage of Mary to Edward

-BUT by 1544 the auld alliance had been reestablished and a pro-french regent had gained power

-The rough wooing by Edward seymour, Earl of Hertford and and Prince Edward had driven the scots towards the french camp

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