was henrys foreign policy successful ?

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Katrina Brookman
Aim Policy Evidence of success Evidence of failures
To secure his throne Treaty of Etaples with France- By securing the treaty of Etaples it France and English relationships
November 1492- Charles VIII left henry in a stronger position, as deteriorated in 1505 when France
promised he would no longer assist he had peace of mind that the likes and Spain signed the treaty of Blois.
any pretenders to the English of Warbeck would not be
throne supported in France. This was a
good achievement for henry as
France previously showed their
displeasure for England by
originally supporting Warbeck, so
by them agreeing to henrys terms it
shows that henry had managed to
secure an Anglo-French
Treaty of medina del campo with The treaty of medina del campo Spanish and English relationships
Spain in 1489 also meant that Spain was one of the most significant deteriorated in 1505 when France
would not support pretenders to achievements of henrys foreign and Spain signed the treaty of Blois.
the English throne, and that both policy as he had achieved all his
countries would support each major aims.in terms of securing the
other. throne the perking Warbeck threat
was dealt with as Spain had said
they wouldn't assist him so henry
could feel secure as Warbeck had
declining support, and without
foreign support he was too weak to
be a threat to the English throne.

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Katrina Brookman
Henry secured a three year true The truce of Ayton was successful
with Scotland called the truce of as it meant henry would not have
Ayton in 1497. to spend lots of money defending
the Scottish border and would not
face and rebellions from tax
increases. This was a significant
success of henry as in 1502 a
formal agreement was made
securing an Anglo-Scottish alliance.…read more

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Katrina Brookman
daughter Mary to marry Louis the secure and continued his
Dauphin (heir to the throne of international recognition.
To promote prosperity in England Henry established a commercial Allowed henry to achieve one of his
treaty with Brittany main aims of maximising income by
expanding his trade outlets so he
had more money to strengthen
England, i.e.…read more


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