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Henry VIII and Foreign Policy…read more

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Aims of Henry VIII's rule
· Made a name for himself as the `Renaissance
· This is the flowering of culture, wealth, entertainment,
sports and politics during the 14th-17th centuries.
· Wanted to be known as a `Warrior King'
· He wanted to reclaim the French crown…read more

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French campaigns 1511-14
· Henry recognises the English's small army is
no match for the French.
· Henry is married to Catherine of Aragon ­ the
Spanish King Ferdinand's daughter.
· Cements peace between England and Spain.
· Spain could now be used as an ally in conquering
France.…read more

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Holy League
· Holy League 1511
· Pope Julius proclaims Holy League.
· Consists of England, Spain and Holy Roman Empire
against France.
· Treaty of Westminster
· Pledge of mutual aid with Spain against France.…read more

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Context: Bishops Fox and Warham (Henry VII's ministers) keen on keeping
peace and neutrality. Henry VIII wants to increase England's empire.
Forced into signing peace treaty with France in 1510 by old ministers. Holy
League occurs, then Treaty of Westminster, then:
· War on France 1512-13
1. Parliament grant money for Henry to wage war on
France on the grounds that the war is to defend the
liberties of the church.
2. England plan to meet Spain in south-western France
in an Anglo-Spanish invasion.
3. Ferdinand failed to meet Henry, using England as a
diversion to conquer Navarre.
4. Many English troops die of dysentery and have to
return home.
5. Francis makes his separate peace with France.…read more

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Context: Henry VIII felt severely let down after the humiliation of
the War on France. Now incredibly determined to attain glory
in France. Now he wanted to act independently.
· The Battle of the Spurs 1513
1. 30,000 men brought to Calais.
2. Captured towns of Therouanne and Tournai
with little French resistance.
3. Therouanne is given to Emperor Maximilian
4. The rich town of Tournai can now be used as
an English bargaining tool.…read more

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