Growth of the Nazi party: Nazi party 1929-1932 Edexcel History GCSE 2A

Main Events

  • August 1929, the Wall Street Crash occured- share prices crashed, American banks recalled loans to German industries and banks, making them close.
  • Unemployment rose and savings were lost.
  • Chancellor Brüning couldn't get majority support in the Reichstag and had to givern by presidential decree. He tried raising taxes to pay benifits. Voters turned to extreme left and right parties.
  • By 1930 the SA had 400,000 brown shirted stormtroopers.
  • The SA were used in rallies to make the Nazis look strong, whip up feelings of hope and to dirupt opposition parties.
  • The elections of 1930 and 1932 were violent. Armed, uniformed men took down posters, intimidated candidates, broke into offices and disrupted their rallies.
  • In 1932, in one clash alone in Hamburgm 19 were killed.
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  • Working Class
  • Middles classes such as teachers, lawyers, etc. These had lost companies, savings or pensions.
  • Farmers
    • Hitler promised to protect them from the Communists, who would have confiscated their land.
  • Big businesses.
  • Young people and women
    • The young were attracted by Hitler's passionate speeches.
    • Propaganda made special appeals to women.
  • More people were coming to support the Nazis, because people tended to turn to extreme parties in times of crisis, looking for a stronger government.
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