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History GCSE Revision Notes
Germany: The Weimar Republic &
Nazi Germany…read more

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The Weimar Republic
Section 1…read more

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Germany in 1918 {1}
Impact of the war @ home:
Increasing food shortages
Decline in value of currency
1918 flu pandemic
Changes made to government:
The Kaiser was persuaded to make Germany a
constitutional monarchy
Reasons for change:
Felt that a civilian government would obtain fairer peace
terms from the Allies
Believed that new government would get blame for ending
the war allowing the army to accuse it of backstabbing…read more

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Germany in 1918 {2}
Reasons for Kaiser's abdication
Naval revolt at Kiel
Russian-style workers' councils set up
Germany was facing a revolution
Why Germans were shocked about Armistice
They were lead to believe that the war was going
Attitudes towards new leaders
Civilian anger directed towards new gov ­ just as
Kaiser had wanted…read more

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Threat from the Left
Rosa Luxemburg &
Karl Liebknecht
This putsch was crushed
by the Free Corps, made
up of former soldiers
who hated Communism.
Putsch failed because:
Wanted Russian-style
poorly equipped,
badly organised and The Spartacists workers' councils to
lack of support
run Germany 15th January 1919 ~
the putsch was over
and both leaders
6th Jan 1919 ­ putsch
against new SPD
government…read more

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Establishing a new system
Elections were held in January 1919 ~ Ebert was
elected president of the new German republic.
His first task was to draw up a constitution. There
was too much unrest in Berlin so the meetings
moved to the town Weimar. Thus Germany
became known as the Weimar Republic.…read more

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