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Edexcel iGCSE History
Topic A3: Development of Dictatorship: Germany,
1918- 1945
Revision Notes produced by Ben Tavener

· The Establishment of the Weimar Republic and its early problems.
· The Recovery of Germany, 1924-29
· The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party
· Life in Nazi Germany
· The…

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Chronological Revision (Aka. Timelines)
Chronology is tested directly in the first question in
)'$"34$()%-.("%."5$&)%-."67"6"+--8")%9$,%.$"/-0")'$")-: the IGCSE Exam, but in fact, it is
vital for ALL the questions in section A.

!"#$%&'()'*+*>' !"#$%&'()'*+*+'
!"B*%($0"C%,'$,9"*>8%&*)$(" !"5:*0)*&%()"E:0%(%.+"
!"C-0,8"C*0"D"$.8( !"F-994.%()"4:0%(%.+"%."G4.%&'"
!"#$%&'()'*+1-' !"68-,/"J%),$0">%+&,*-#.*?.$65&*@%$A.$9,*B5$-)

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"!C21*$'511!)9-$!C51-,9+! ' "!I%,3+27!92/+<%1!-$%!,%1-!(&!TU%*$(1'(/+A9+!
"!JKDL!P529*$!C6,%%3%2-! ! "!Q+U9"B(/9%-!V+*-!!!
!"#$%&'())*(+,' ! "!I%,3+27!92/+<%1!V('+2 ' "!>,9-+92!+2 ' "!G1-+.'91$3%2-!(&!-$%!&9,1-!6$%--(1
' !"#$%&'()'*+,4''
' "!I%,3+27!92/+<%1!+2 ' "!I%,3+27!92/+<%1!+2%'6953?!R5=%3.(5,6!+2 '

!"#$%&'()'*+,*!! !"#$%&'()'*+,-!!
"!W0%,+-9(2!>+,.+,(11+!'+52*$%< !"!!"#$%&'()&*+#)$,'%-.//0'%+'1%$$2//'3)$4/./$5/!

!"#$%&'()'*+,5'' ' !"#$%&'()'*+,,'' !"#$%&'()'*+,2'
"!X9-'%,!*(339-1!159*9<%! ' "!E"E+7 "!I%,3+2!<%&%+-!+-!B-+'926,+ "!I%,3+27!15,,%2<%,1 ' "!I%,3+2!<%&%+-!+-!M5,1A
The Establishment

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· Germany also had to limit their armed forces. This made them feel weak. Germany also lost land. This
denied them of resources. This also meant that some Germany speaking people no longer lived in
· The Germans were also forced to admit sole responsibility for starting the war.…

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· All these measures helped to boost the German economy and restore confidence. Between 1924 and
1929, Germany received over 25 billion gold marks in loans - three times more than reparation
· By 1929, Germany was only second to the USA in advanced industrial production.

How did Stresemann…

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· They soon had over 50,000 members in southern Germany. They received some donations from

What was the Munich Putsch?

· When the German government called off passive resistance to the French occupation of the Ruhr,
German nationalists were furious.
· Hitler decided that it was time to take…

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· Young people were attracted by Hitler's exciting speeches, He promised that the family would be best
looked after by the Nazis. This attracted women.
· The Nazis offered something for everybody.

Why were the Nazis able to come to power?

· The great depression made people desperate. They turned…

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How did the Nazis deal with the Church?

· Hitler was able to control the church by co-operating with it.
· In 1933 he signed the Concordat with the Catholic Church. It agreed to keep out of politics if the
Nazis kept out of religion.
· But the agreement did…

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· Boys aged 6-10 joined the Little Fellows. From 10-14 they joined the Young Folk. From 14 they could be
full members of Hitler Youth.
· The boys went on camping trips and took part in military games to prepare them for war.
· Girls joined the League of German…

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selecting racially pure women for SS officers to father the children of.
· Important positions could only be filled by people who were racially pure.
· Educational programmes were introduced that taught Race studies and Eugenics (study of controlled
reproduction). School curriculum was rewritten to teach about racial superiority: example…


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