Greenwhich Millennium Village



  • Transformed 121 Ha of Brown field site
  • Green building materials such as split bricks and zinc sheeting
  • aim to cut primary energy use by 80%
  • To expand until 2015 with an integrated village shopping and community centre
  • By  2008, 1 095 homes and a village square with shops had been completed: 1 843 more homes planned
  • Importance of a natural environment has been emphasized throughout the development: 3 areas of parkland including an ecology park + improving the riverside environment.
  • Britain`s first low-energy Sainsbury
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  •   Only way to get from GMV to Greenwich is by the infrequent 129 bus so lacks an integrated transport system
  •  It is cut off from surrounding traditional Edwardian and Victorian areas by Blackwall flyover
  • It is very well connected to Canary Wharf, where most of its inhabitants work but this causes early morning bottlenecks.
  •  Although planned to be self-contained, many residents work elsewhere
  • Few families are to be seen – so it is nicknamed the “Yuppie Village” – a middle-income young professional enclave with extremely high rents and flat prices.
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