Development Case Studies

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  • Development Case Studies
    • Hindering Closing The Gap
      • Third world debt- developing companies loaned money by the world bank, the money they earn pays off interest but not the debt itself (HIPC)
        • MEDC's have developed strategies such as the Multilateral debt relief initiative (MDRI) however people believe it is still not enough
      • Trade Blocs eg. The EU- Inside the bloc is advantageous those outside face with heavy tariffs and competition from cheaper surplus goods
      • Social and Cultural barriers- Gender equality is a common barrier for development however there are others such as the Caste system in India
    • Aid
      • Top Down Aid
        • Can be shared on a wider scale
        • Corruption can occur, money can be misspent and could be given to areas where it is not as badly needed
      • Bottom Up aid
        • Given directly to those who need it so it gets to them faster
        • Works on a very small scale and for an entire country to receive what it needs is impractical
    • Development Gap
      • Exists on a global scale
      • Causes
        • War eg. Afghanistan
        • Natural Disasters eg. Bangladesh floods 1998
        • Social Barriers eg. Dalits in India
        • Debt eg. Third world debt
        • Disease eg. Malaria
    • Classifying Countries
      • Higher-middle income countries
      • Lower-middle income countries
      • Higher income countries
      • Lower income countries
    • Closing The Gap (Tanzania)
      • "Tanzanian household budget survey"
        • Update information on regional economies, Women's roles and state of the household
      • Babati rural development project- Works with 125,000 through activities such as goat breeding, animal health care and village planning
      • Babati agricultural and environmental education project- Agriculture lesson in schools
      • Forest  management project- Sustainable management plans and protect biodiversity and water supplies
    • Newly Industrialised Countries
      • BRIC countries- Brazil, Russia, India and China
      • Brazil
        • Improving economy due to improving trade  industry
        • Trade has developed to basic resources eg. coffee and corn to now include more specialised and advanced exports eg. car and aeroplane parts
        • Second biggest industrial sector in the Americas
        • 28.5% GDP from industry
    • Millennium Development Goals
      • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
      • Achieve universal primary education
      • Promote gender equality and empower women
      • Reduce child mortality
      • Improve maternal health
      • Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases
      • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
      • Develop a global partnership for development
      • Brazil has made progress to many goals and achieved many of them
      • Benin are unlikely to achieve any due to factors such as poor economic stability caused by large amounts of debt
    • Human Development Index
      • Life Expectancy- Government spending on health, war
      • Income- Income per capita, % people earning under $1 a day % GDP from agriculture
      • Education- Government spending on education, % Literacy of males and females


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