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Case Study : The Orange Revolution in Ukraine

Daily Protests Nov 04 - Jan 05

 Occured immediately after run-off vote of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election

- Democratic revolution highlighted by a series of disobedience, sit-ins and general strikes organised by opposition movement.

-the nationwide general protests succeeded which enabled a revote was ordered by supreme court which concluded the Orange Revolution successfully/ peacefully reached it's conclusion. 


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Non violent - conflict doesn't invole force or armed struggle normally form of protest e.g. word, sign, marching or silent protest.

Political activity - groups operating within a country who seeks political power throughout government.

Debate - influence of political activity, discussion of favour and against.

Terrorism - use of fear among the public.

Insurrection - act or instance of revolt against civil authority/ government, people called insurgents involed in combat against armed forces to establish regime.

War - open or declared armed hostile conflict between states or nation.

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