GCSE RE - Uses of the Bible

The Bible is used in two ways: Teaching and Worship. Worship is the expression of the believers faith in God. It can be split into Public and Private Worship.

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The only true way that we can know God is through past events, how people have responded to him in the past and our intelligence which he gave us.

The Bible is made up of general principles, if we stick to these we are doing what God wants us to do.

The Roman Catholic Church is based on and believes in Tradition (ie. handed down from earlier Christians). They say this is authentic as it is based on beliefs and continued inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the same Holy Spirit which inspired the Bible and Gospel writers. Christians believe that the full truth is the Bible and Tradition which is voiced by the autority of the church.

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Public Worship

Public Worship

Passages from the Bible are used in almost all public worship, here are some examples:

* Catholic Mass - Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist.

* Protestant Service - Centred on passages to emphasise a particular theme. Followed by a long sermon to explain and expand on it and to therefore understand God, how he deals with people and how to live our lives.

* Quaker Service - Sit in silence until inspired to read a passage by the Holy Spirit. This is considered to be passing on the Word of God as was directly chosen by the Holy Spirit.

* Study Groups - They read, discuss, share thoughts of the meaningfullness of passages.

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Private Worship

Private Worship

The Bible is also used in private worship, usually it is the foundation of most people's prayers. Here are some examples of how we use it in private worship.

* Prayers - The Pslams and Gospels brings us closer to God and is a basis for a expansion of prayers.

* Meditation - Quietly reflecting on what a certain passage means to you.

* Support - Some people randomly open the Bible at a page and use the first line that their eyes see as a guide or a solution to a problem.

* Reminder - Just by having the Bible near you is a reminder of the closeness of God and can help to focus your mind for prayer.

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