GCSE PE- Healthy active lifestyle

Revision Cards for GCSE PE about 3 catergories of a healthy active lifestyle ect.

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Influences on Participation in Sport.

People~ Family, Peers ect. 

Image~ Fashion (getting the right equipment to fit in with others/ money maker and becoming a victim of fashion)

Media Coverage~ If a sport is on TV, Radio or im magazines or newspapers alot then more people are more likely to enjoy it as it is more popular.

Cultural Factors~ Disabilities, (availability of specialist centers/equipment) Gender, (Eg.Girls are more unlikely to play rugby-Public Perception) Age, (Eg. London marathon at age 70) Race, (racial abuse, background ect)

Resources~ (Facilities and availability)

Location & Access~ (local and easy to get to/ close to you/parking space ect)

Time~(available when your free/ on weekends or evenings)

Health and Wellbeing~ (Illness and Health problems/ to stay healthy)

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Opportunities & Benefits

  • Performer~ Pleasure and Sucsess  
  • Official~ Improve knowledge of rules & contribute even if unable to play
  • Coach~ Improve performance, gain qualification and knowledge
  • Observer~ Pleasure, improve knowledge
  • Captain~ Develop leadership skills
  • Leader~ gain qualification & improve self worth
  • Organiser~ Develop organisation skills & contribute even if unable to play
  • Choreographer~ Creativity outlet & develop ideas beyond own ability
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Sport Participation Pyramid

*a pyramid that is cut horizontally into 4 sections. the bottom most section labled 1 and travling upwards through to number 4*

1) Foundation~ *base of Pyramid* likely to be learning/expiriencing baisic sport skills ie. school pe lessons. Good exercise provides basis for future preperation.

2) Participation~ stage where young people begin to participate regularly in a specific activity. ie. extra curricular activities- maybe not played too competitivly

3) Performance~ developing sport specific skills & activities to develop talent in sport. recieving local &/or reigional coaching and competition/league oppertunities

4) Elite~ sporting excellence in your personal sport, usually taking part in international competitions.

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Health Related Components of Fitness

  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Muscular Strength
  • Body Compisition
  • Flexibitity

*when trying to remember lists of words, try making up little Rhymes or Acronyms that may help you; like mine below for an example... but your more likely to remember it if you make one up yourself*





F~Fat :P

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Skill Related Components of Fitness

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Power
  • Reaction Time
  • Speed

For the first 3 words remember A, B, C: like the alphabet. Now you just got to find a way to remember P,R & S. 

maybe... ABC...Skills Remembered = Passed!

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