GCSE hospitality and catering

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Food should be stored in a refridgurator below 5ºC

The core tempurature of cooked food cshould reach  75ºC

Food should be kept out of the danger zone which is 5ºC and 63ºC

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different cooks knives to remember

Cooks Knife

Vegetable Knife

Paring Knife

Palette Knife

Potato Peeler

Boning Knife

Filleting Knife

Meat Cleaver

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Knife safety

use the appropriately sized knife

keep knives sharp - a blunt knife is dangerous

carry knives by the handle, blade downwards pointing towards the floor

pass to other people by the handle

never try to catch a falling knife

do not leave knives on the edge of chopping boards or tabletops

wash up carefully with sharp edge of blade facinhg away

never place knives in washing up water where they cannot be seen

store knives in a block or drawer

handles should be grease free

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