Catering Industry

Non-commercial establishments is when the business does not make a profit

Commercial establishment is when the business makes a profit

A contract caterer provides food and drink for an organisation such as a business, school or hospital. They also provide food at functions such as garden parties, house parties and private parties and either prepare the food in advance and deliver it to the venue or cook it on site.

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Food Services ~ Counter Service

Counter service ~ the counter service is the most versatile of all systems in the catering establishment

  • cafeteria service where customers queue at a food counter and collect their food on a tray and pay before their food is eaten
  • fast-food service is where customers queue and pay for their food before they eat e.g. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC etc.
  • vending service where the customer uses a vending machine that dispences food and drink
  • buffet service is where customers help themselves to food at a buffet table
  • carvery service is where customers are served their meat and then help themselevs to vegetables and accompaniments

Advantages ~                                                                

  • cost affective                                                          
  • not many skills are required
  • food is produced close to counter


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Food Service

Disadvantages ~

  • customers queue
  • expenisve exipment is required
  • rates are expensive as outlets are expensive on the high streets
  • cost;y market and advertising


Table Service ~ is used for a more personal service where customers are served their food by waiters/waitresses

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Food Service ~ Transport meals, Food from a trolle

Transported meal system includes ~

  • airline food
  • food on ferries, cruise ships etc.
  • food on trains
  • hospitality food

Cooking and or serving food from a trooley ~ 

This involoves using the Gueridon system, where food is finished or carved at the customers tables

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Plate Service

Advantages ~ 

  • can contorl portion size and cost
  • easy to serve
  • low skill levels required
  • presentation of the food is consistent


Disadvantages ~

  • empahsis on the chief's skills rathjer than their service skills
  • time consuming for the chief
  • kitchen must be close to service area
  • boring for serving staff
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Family Service

Advantages ~ 

  • less time consuimg than silver service
  • sociable so suits families
  • customers can determine their own portion size


Disadvantages ~

  • equipment and space is required
  • careful portion control from the kitchen is needed
  • time consuming
  • limits menu choice
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