Fundamental Motor Skills

These involve running, hitting, throwing, jumping, catching and kicking. They are important as they provide a basic for other skills. They are essencial for excelling in a sports activity as well as aiding a person's normal day-to-day life. These can also help children build their self-esteem and make them more accepted in group situations.

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This is developed in the toddle years and is the basis of many physical activities. The technique used often depends on the distance which is being run and can be analysed through observing movement or the style of which the movement in being carried out.

Poor technique can lead to injury. Many people put their bodies under stress by running to catch a bus or running for too long in the morning.

Running fast and well, is a skill - not something you were born with. Likewise, it can be taught.

Weaknesses include:

- Over striding

- Landing on feet too heavily

- Not using arms 

- Bent upper body.

- Bouncing up and down too much!

All accomplished runners ise the balls of the feet.

Assessment of running is done through timing.

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This motor skill is fundamental in sport involving a ball.

Throwing competitions areincluded in the feild sections of Athletics including the shot put and javeling throw.

Each of these different events invlove a different set of muscles and therefore are very specified. Javelin throwers cannot compete in Shot Put!

Throwing can cuasing intense damage unless the correct technique is used. Many are at risk of over injury to muscle tissues as well as the lower back and knees.

The best way to avoid this is to limit the number of throws you do in one session as well as warm up thoroughly before taking part in any exercise.

There are often many different styles of throwing an item depending on what sport is being played. 

The motion involves leading and throwing with the elbows to avoid injury.

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This is an event in its own right and is required as a basis for many other skills.

When jumping in the long jump, it is important to use your arms as well as have a good run up.

This motor skill is assessed by the height which you jump.

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This is used a wide range of physical activity.

It usually involves a hitting implement therefore also requires good co-ordination. It is also a main element of boxing which requires a good deal of technique and concentration.

A forehand stroke in tennis uses this motor skill. The technique is very easy to get wrong. In Squash, the wrist is a very important element giving you more control over your aim and allows you to follow through with your racket.

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Michelle SMith


A basic explanation of some of the fundamental motor skills 

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