GCSE PE Revision

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Fundamental motor skills

  • Fundamental motor skills are skills such as throwing, catching and running. These skills are important because they provide the basis for other skills.
  • They are important because they provide a platform on which we can build the more advanced skills demanded in our sports.
  • Acquisition of these skills is also a great help in making us follow a lifestyle that is healthy, and as we get older we may draw on these skills to help us in lifetime sports such as golf.
  • Acquiring fundamental motor skills can help children build their self-esteem and make them more accepted in group play situations.
  • The fundamental motor skills are as follows: running, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping, and throwing.
  • Running - The basis of many physical activities. Technique depends on the distance of running. The wrong technique puts a lot of strain on the body, even when just running for a bus. Examples of wrong technique can include: over striding, not using arms, and breaking action on landing.
  • Throwing - essential for…


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