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As enlish

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Sounds such as 'erm', 'um' and 'er' which a speaker uses to fill a silence

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The omission of a part of a sentence normally represented by (...)

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Tag Question

A phrase tagged on to the end of a statement to turn it in to a question

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Topic Change

Skipping to a whole new topic, aside from the one that you were previously on

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repairing a topic/ starting again/ self correcting

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when a speaker begins to talk before  the previous speaker has finished, perhaps due to enthusiasm to join the conversation

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when a speaker begins to talk before the previous speaker has finished, may be due to the interupter trying to gain conversation control

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Supportive Interruptions

Interrupting someone to back them up

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Back channel features

reasures the speaker that you are listening to them

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non fluency features

pause which intertupts the flow of conversation

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agenda setting

setting a topic of conversation puropse of talk

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side sequences

a sentence of utterance inserted into a conversation, which causes the main topic off conversation to be temporarily suspended 

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Phatic Language

Language which is more about substaining a social relationship over having a conversation with someone.

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Formal or Informal register

the formaility of the conversation eg slang

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Colloquial lexis

relaxed/everday language

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non standard englush

A lexical choice which is shortened or slang, and is used round friends and family and not in a formal event

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colloquial languafe to represent a certain area

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Adjacency Pairs

Question and answer pattern of speech

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tone/quality of voice

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It's basic but not bad

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