Emergence of Caesar

 Note on Julius Caesar at the beginning of 70BC and prior to.

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Background of Caesar


- He was a relative of Marius and therefore not unknown previously.


-He stood up to Sulla.

-He refused to divorce his wife.

-Served in the East.

-Won the Civic crown.

-Returned to Rome after Sulla's death.

-Had considerable success in the law courts.

-Captured by pirates whom he then punished.

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Caesar's background


- 73BC returned to Rome to stand on the board of priests.

-Pompeian supporter of his restoration of the tribune's powers.

-Came of age for the cursus honorum in 69BC and followed the standard pattern unlike Pompey.

-Had Quaestorship in Spain, journeying through Cisalpine Gaul on his return to Rome where he recognised the discontentment on account of lack of citizenship, far side of the river Po.

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