Events following in 51BC

Notes on events following in 51BC

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Events following

-New consul- M.Marcellus- aiming to recall Caesar from Gaul (illegal move in itself because Pompey and Crassus' consulship had passed a law ensuring his proconsulship until 49BC) and flogged some Gallic men which humiliated them, infuriating Caesar.

-Curio- Caesar's tame tribune (in return from Caesar paying off his debts) was vetoing any legislation surrounding Caesar's replacement- suggested both Pompey and Caesar to give up commands together.

-Pompey- opposed to this- had no intention of giving up Spanish command (proposed that Caesar should give up his province instead).

-Curio repeated his veto and again suggested a mutual relinquishing of commands to preserve a power balance.

-War in Syria- both Pompey and Caesar donating 1 legion to the east but Pompey sent the legion he had lent to Caesar.

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Events of 51BC

-Vote in December 50BC, the Senate on whether both men should resign commands proposed by Curio.

-Overwhelming support- but consul spread rumours of Caesar's preparation for war which forced Pompey to declare his commitment to the optimates.

-Open hostility- Curio's tribuneship was over and he joined Caesar in Gaul.

-Mark Antony and Cassius now tribunes, defending Caesar's interests.

-Similar tactics to Curio, a mutual resignation.

-Letter from Caesar to the Senate- advocating both men give up powers but pointed out possibility of civil war if Pompey were to keep his powers.

-Senate suggested comprimise- Caesar must disarm or be an enemy of the state.

-Tribunes vetoed and Pompey took control of senatorial forces.

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