Caesar as Dictator

Notes on Caesar as dictator

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Caesar as dictator

- 49BC- appointed dictator by Lepidus, praetor.

-Resigned after 11 days and took consulship of 48BC: an attempt to reconstruct normality?

-Following Pharsalus (48BC), appointed dictator for 1 year, dealing with emergency situation.

-46BC- following victory in Africa, appointed dictator for 10 years but held consulship simultaneously (46 & 45 BC) and accepting title/honours from the senate- legality.

-Following Munda, Caesar took control and Senate hoped for return of Republican government.

-44BC- Takes dictatorship for life and rumours saying he intended to become 'Rex'.-Widespread hostility

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Caesar's Reforms

- Passed a lot of reforms in a short space of time, aimed at efficiency and effectiveness.

-Much was left to be finished by successors due to brevity of time in Rome.


  • Senatorial decrees- membership raised to 900 & included Gauls/Spaniards.
  • Amendments to length of tenure of governourships- shortened to reduce corruption.
  • Reduction of Romans on corn dole by half.
  • Public works.
  • Composition of law courts- equal equestrians and senators.
  • Penalties for crimes harshened.
  • Reform of Calendar.
  • Army- soldiers paid generously.
  • Restrictions on wealthy displays by nobiles.
  • Uniform system of local government.
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