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How was Rome governed in the time of Caesar?

What was the first triumverate and why was it important to Caesar?

What was Caesar doing in the 50’s BC?

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How Was Rome Governed At The Time of Caesar?

  • A Series of elected magistrates ran the Roman world
  • Headed by two consuls who changed annually
  • Roman elite were highly competitive among themselves
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What Was the First Triumvirate and Why Was it Impo

  • First Triumvirate: three leading politicians who were politically allied. They helped each other politically to stay in power and grow more powerful.
  • Three leading politicians: Crassus, Pompey and Caesar
  • Crassus: Rome's richest man
  • Pompey: Rome's greatest military general in 60's and 70's BC
  • Caesar: most junior and least experienced out of the three. He needed Crassus and Pompey for their influence and support.
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What Was Caesar Doing in the 50's BC?

  • Elected Consul: 59BC
  • Proconsul: 58BC
  • Provinces: Borders of North Italy and South-East Europe
  • When Tribes in Gaul started migrating south towards Italy- Caesar sent to deasl with situation
  • Lead to conquest of Gaul!
  • In 56BC, as his term of office was coming to an end, Caesar secured for himself a 5 year extension of power at the conference of Luca, which gave him both the time and platform for further conquest
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A History of Roman Britain - Peter Salway

  • "Caeser himself came comparably late to miltary comand, but he had shown natural genius for it"
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