Economic life Germany 1939

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  • conditions in 1933
  • four year plan
  • Military expenditure
  • Schacht's economic strategy
  • Schacht's new plan
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Conditions in 1933


  • trade
  • industry
  • employment
  • agriculture
  • finance
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Four year plan

  • should the economy focus on 'guns or butter'?
  • unr control of Herman Goering
  • aims to expand rearmament and autarky to make Fermany as self sufficient as possible in food and industrial production
  • Nazi control over German economy became much tighter
  • success of plan was mixes
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Military expenditure

  • when war broke out, Germany's economy was still a long way from being fully mobilised
  • Hitler wanted to fight the war with an economy thoroughly prepared for a major and perhaps extended conflict
  • war economy decrees issued
  • German military expenditure doubled
  • food rationing in certain items
  • inefficiency and poor co-ordination (Britain was doing better)
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Schacht's economic strategy

  • economic policy under control of Schacht
  • particular financial benefits were given to groups such as farmers and small businesses
  • stimulated economic growth
  • spending by the state on investment projects
  • rearmament, construction and transportation
  • first three years on reforestation, land reclamation, motorisation and building
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Schacht's 'new plan'

  • comprehensive control by the government in all aspects of trade, tariffs, capital and currency exchange in an attempt to prevent excessive imports
  • economic priorities
    Bilateral trade treaties
    The reichsmark currency
    Metro bills
  • Schacht laid the foundations for economic recovery
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