Germany's Jews and Minorities

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Germany's Jews and Minorities

  • Only Aryans could belong to the Volksgemeinschaft
  • According to the Nazis, Jews were bent on 'world domination'
  • Hitler was convinced that Russian Communism was controlled by Jews
  • Nazis also thought Jews had conspised to win control of Germany's financial institutions

Germany's Jewish Community:

  • 1993 - only 0.7% of Germany's population were Jewsih
  • They didn't dominate German business life as the Nazis alleged

Persecution of Germany's Jews 1993-1939 :

  • Local SA units beat up Jews and destroyed Jewish property
  • 7th April 1933 0 first anti-Jewish decree
  • 1935 - Hitler announced two new anti-Jewish laws:
    • Reich Citizenship Law - depriving Jews of German citizenship
    • Law for the Protection of German Blood - outlawed marriage between Jews and non-jews
  • 1938 - Anti-semitic laws, excluding Jews from German economic life
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Germany's Jews and Minorities (cont.)

Towards Genocide:

  • The einsatzgruppen (task forces) butchered over 50,000 Polish resisters - most Jewish
  • Jews were herded into Ghettoes, where many died from malnutrition
  • 1941 - Jews were specifically targeted, 1 million+ died
  • Concentration camps were fit with gas chambers for mass murder

Other Minorities
(Roma and Sinti, disabled people and homosexuals):

  • Roma and Sinti - gypsies, deemed to be non-Aryans, many sent to concentration camps; the number killed was between 220,000-500,000
  • Disabled people - 'unfit' to belong to the National Community as they were a source of weakness, described as a burden on society and lead to mass sterilisation
  • Homosexuals - were seen as 'deviants' who were failing their duty by not producing children, around 15,000 homosexuals were sent to concentration camps
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