The Holocaust

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  • The Holocaust
    • The final solution
      • many final solutions before the final "final" solution
    • 50 million people died between 1939 and 1945
      • 12% were jews
    • In 1939, Hitler's government started the "euthanasia programme"
    • By 1941, 70,000 people were deemed unqorthy of life
    • Only group that was possibly treated worse than the Jews were Gypsies
      • Classed as a biologically, defined race of people
      • By 1945 two thirds of all Jews in Europe had been massacred
    • Stalin and Mao Zedong killed more people in the name of economic determinism than Hitler killed in the name of racial determinism
      • economic determinism- struggle between haves and have nots
      • racial determinism - a struggle between races
    • Hitler believed the extermination of the Jews was good
      • a few years before, in Mein Kampf Hitler says " I believe that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the almighty creator"
    • To what extent was Hitler Responsible
      • Intentionalists believe that Hitler was an all-powerful dictator whose will turned into action
      • Hitler wanted to purify and strengthen the German/ Aryan race
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      • Pope Pius Xii said nothing in condemnation of the holocaust despite being well aware of it
      • Anti semitism was a European Phenomenon
      • Many of Germany's allies and client states in western and central Europe agreed with the idea that the Jews should be deported eastwards
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