coastal opportunities

some general oppertunities created by the coast

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  • renewable energy (tidal/wind/wave) provides jobs in construction and maintenance and a good powers ource for the development of a coastal area.
  • non renewable energy (offshore oil and gas) coastal towns closest to reserves recieve and process fuels such as Aberdeen
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  • fishing, services such as life guarding generated by tourism
  • tourism- generate other jobs such as accomindation, entertainment, restaurants and retail
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  • toursim provides retail, restaurants, accomindation and retail- local people can benifit from these oppertunites for services
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  • climate- sea regulates climate so it is less extreme which increases the areas potential for agriculture due to the regular rainfall and temperatures and also attracts tourists as it is a mild climate
  • trade- presence of natural ports and harbours which aloows for easier access to trade routes
  • relief- flatter by coast which allows for easier settlement such as in Japan, where most inland is mountainous and only the coast flat enough for settlement
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  • dredgeing of sand from seabed can be used in construction and industry
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  • relief is flatter, there's a reliable source of rainfall and a regular climate creating oppertunites for agriculture
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  • beaches, scenary, coastal paths create the need for hotel, retail, restaurants and accomindation as these natural features of coasts attract tourists. this creates further jobs by the multiplier effect
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  • ferries and roads are needed for tourism, industry and settlement. these can be used by local people
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