coastal protection case study- pevernsey coastal defence scheme

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Coastal protection case study: Pevernsey bay coastal defence scheme
Shoreline management plan (SMP) recommends holding the line of defence
because land has over 10,000 properties, significant number of commercial
premises (caravan parks), main road and railway close to coast, Pevernsey
levels- environmentally sensitive (SSSI) at risk, lots of farming land
Pevernsey coastal defence LTD- company set up to manage coast in this
25 year contract important as it gives company opportunity to experiment
with new methods of defence as the method has to be environmentally
Beach replenishment scheme works be dredging ocean floor and spraying
sediment back onto beach, then moved by bulldozer to give beach a natural
profile. This is monitored by GPS which shows when and where more
sediment is needed.
Beach reprofiling- material moved back up beach reducing long shore drift
where as beach recycling- material moved from east of coastal defence area
to west to counteract long shore drift.
Groynes replaced with a smaller amount to make beaches more attractive to
Scheme developed to reduce carbon footprint by using recycled plastic to
create groynes and bales of old car tyres to give beach more stability.
Scheme could be successful as: works with nature; protecting beach
effective- wide, gently sloping beach able to absorb energy well, run within
agreed budget.


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