Managed Retreat - Abbotts Hall Farm

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  • Abbotts Hall farm - Managed retreat
    • Why chosen for management?
      • large areas of salt marsh and mudflats were being lost to coastal erosion and development
      • loss of salt marsh environments has a significant impact on flora and fauna
      • well established salt marsh can provide a cost effective defence against flooding
      • heavy engineering in env. sensitive areas could damage eco. and env. opportunities.
    • What were the aims of the project?
      • to support the work of the essex wildlife trust
      • to provide leisure and recreation facilities
      • to show how farming and nature conservation can work together
      • to show how coastal areas can be protected without need for heavy engineering
      • increase nursery env. for shellfish and fish
    • how was coastal realignment process management?
      • construction of counter walls at both ends of the wall to protect farms
      • construction of earth bunds to protect freshwater areas from saltwater intrusion
      • EIA had to be carried out to assess movement of sediment, flora and fauna
      • creating new env. for displaced animals
    • Essex wildlife trust
      • removing parts of the sea wall and allow land to be flooded
        • creating a broader salt marsh environment.


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