Religious views on MATTERS OF LIFE

Christianity & Islam on the Sanctity of life:

CHRISTIANS believe that life must be treated as holy because the bible says:

  • Life is a gift from GOD.
  • GOD is always a part of life.
  • JESUS made life holy by becoming a human being.


MUSLIMS beleive that ALLAH is the CREATOR and the owner of all life. he starts human life from conception and only HE will end it through natural death. the moment of death is fixed only by out Creator. There are many verses in the final holy book AL QUR'AN which emphasize these core islamic beliefs:

  • Do not kill yourselves, for verily ALLAH has been to you most merciful.
  • Take not life which ALLAH has made sacred.
  • And (Allah) is the one who gave you life, then he shall ordain you to die, then he shall give you your life again, truly mankind is ungrateful.
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Christianity & Roman Catholics on Genetic engineer

Most CHRISTIANS are against genetic engineering as it leads to designer babies and through this they are playing GOD by creating the baby themselves.

  • Some say it helps to prevent disease. they would say that JESUS always showed to love each other.
  • Some think it is a good thing coming out of a bad thing, as most unused embryos are discarded.


ROMAN CATHOLICS believe that it goes against the natural law.

  • Life begins at conception so testing on an embryo is wrong.
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Christianity & Islam on Cloning:

Most CHRISTIANS would favour trnsplant surgery to save a life.The only exception is often Jehovah's Witnesses don't allow blood transfusions.

  • "Love thy neighbour as thyself."
  • "JESUS was a healer, he cured disease and showed that GOD's purposes included overcoming things in his creation that spoil it and diminish the life of his children"


Most MUSLIMS say it is forbidden as it could undermine family values so creates social problems.

  • Raises the question about a person's individuality and interferes with ALLAH's plan for creation.
  • Some would allow transplants save lives however organs have to be given freely by humans. Xenotransplantation is wrong.
  • Blood transfusions are allowed where needed.
  • "If anyone saves a life, it will be as if he has saved the life of mankind."
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Christianity & Islam on Fertility treatment:

  • CATHOLICS see it as unnatural so it is forbidden by the pope.
  • Many PROTESTANTS accept it as it is leading towards life.
  • Concern over AID and surrogacy being outside marriage.
  • Happy with the idea of helping others.
  • "Be fruitful and increase in number"
  • "Hannah had no children... as the lord had kept her from having children"


  • MUSLIMS allowe IVF and AIH as having children is a duty to Islam.
  • AID is not allowed as it is similar to adultery.
  • Surrogacy is not allowed.
  • "No one can be a mother except those who gave them birth."
  • "He (Allah) bestows male or female according to his will."
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