Matters of Death

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Life after death



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Matters of Death: Keywords

Sanctity of Life

Quality of Life

Death - brain stops working

Hell - Christian, without God

Heaven - Christian, with God

Purgatory - Roman Catholic, a place your soul gets cleansed, inbetween heaven and hell


Reincarnation - Hindu, involves soul

Re birth - Buddhist, doesn't involve soul


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Matters of Death: Keywords

Living Will - not legally binding

Life Support - being kept alive, not just brain dead and can get better

Hospice - helps people before dying, not always religious, palliative care, helps family

Euthanasia - dieing without pain before dying natually, Greek for 'Good Death'

Voluntary - the person wants to die and can tell them

Involuntary - killed against their wishes, murder, nazis

Non-voluntary- it is in their best intrest eg coma, (never in best interest - muslims and roman catholics)

Passive - increasing does of drug eg morphine so they die

Active - giving them something to drink or a drug to accelerate death

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Matters of Death: Euthanasia


  • It is illegal in the Uk
  • It is legal in Switzerland and the Netherlands
  • Familys can be prosecuted when they arrive home to the UK


  • Dignitas are a famous company that carry out euthanasia in Switzerland
  • Greek for 'Good Death'

Case Studies

  • Daniel James - rugby man
  • Tony Bland - Hillsborough 1989, first person in Britain to be allowed through the courts to have his treatment withdrawn
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Matters of Death: Euthanasia


  • Dying with dignity - dying quickly and peacefully
  • Quality of Life - patient can't communicate
  • Burden - stop pressure on family
  • Had enough of life
  • Burden
  • Don't want to harm the others around them anymore

Arguments For

  • God has given the intelligence to be able to do it
  • Pets and animals are put down but not humans

Arguments Against

  • In pain so wont be able to make sensible decisions
  • Against Gods wishes
  • Modern drugs alleviate pain
  • Diagnostic mistakes
  • People with living wills might change their minds
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Matters of Death: Elderly

Living Options

  • Care homes - Keep independence
  • Living at home - Keep independence
  • Hospices - before death
  • Living with family - could cause friction and frustration


  • Housing
  • Sterotyped
  • Money
  • Support with food
  • illness
  • ageism
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Matters of Death: Religious Beliefs


  • They believe God creates life and he should be the only one the end it
  • However, if euthanasia is going to improve someone's quality of life it can be acceptable
  • You should treat others how you want to be treated
  • Should respect elders
  • Asking for forgiveness gets you into heaven, salvation - God saves you from Hell
  • Everyone has rights to views and opinions
  • All christain churches are opposed to euthanasia
  • Sanctity of Life
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Matters of Death: Religious Beliefs


  • Have to look after their parents, not allowed to put them in a care home
  • They looked after you so you must look after them
  • Only Allah can take life although passive euthanasia is acceptable
  • Sanctity of Life


  • reincarnation - work your way up then finally go to Mukhtar, circle of samsarah
  • Karma
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Matters of Death: Quotes


  • "Love your neighbour as you love yourself"
  • "Honour your mother and father"
  • "I tell you today you will be with me in paradise"
  • "Do not Murder"
  • "You are Gods Temple"
  • "Only God can give and take Life"


  • "May his nose be rubbed in dust who found his parents approching old age and lost his right to enter paradise becuase he did not look after them"
  • "The Lord hath ruled that you be kind to parents"
  • "Your body is a temple of God"
  • "Do not take the life that Allah has made sacred except for a good cause"
  • "Nor can a soul die except by Allahs leave"
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Matters of Death: Other


  • Palliative care - treatment to reduce severity symptoms
  • Samaritians - Christian Organisation
  • Self determination is believing same as free will without religion
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