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How are matters of life and death portrayed in the
Television dramas-special focus on life and death
Situation comedies-make people laugh and relate to the issues
they discuss
Cartoons-aimed at children
Films-often based on novels or real life stories
Newspapers-different styles of presentation and offers own
opinions on issues
Radio-radio shows and plays can talk about life and death
TV News-stories can be selected and presented from a particular
TV documentaries-focus on major issues at length giving several
Soap operas-ongoing storylines to examine issues in depth and
relate to the public.…read more

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Discussion & Task
Out of that list, which ones do you think sound quite
biased, and which ones offer lots of different
Task: Write down a list of TV programmes, films,
dramas, radio programmes, newspaper articles you
have seen recently or heard of which discuss
matters of life and death(everything we have
covered, e.g. euthanasia, abortion, life after death
etc)…read more

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In the Media
Here is a clip about children who's parents killed
The Yates children
v=_CG0zmAP06U&feature=related…read more

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Rahul Chauhan
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSSppqw-mEg…read more

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Reflecting Back
After seeing the videos and newspaper articles how do you
think the media portrayed the issue?
Were there any different points of view on the matter? Was
it biased?
What were your opinions on the way they presented the
Were there any religious points of view? If not, why not? If
there were, were these viewpoints fair to that religious
group's beliefs?…read more

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