Matters of Life and Death in the Media

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Matters of Life and Death in the Media

Why is it important that these matters are discussed in the media?

  • the issues affect everyone
  • people hold strong opinions and it is important to be aware of different views
  • they are controversial with many different views
  • there are developments and the law may change which people need to know about

Should the media criticise religious views on these issues?


  • A variety of views are held and no view should be exempt
  • Religious views may be wrong or seen as out of date
  • It is important to debate views because they are constantly changing


  • Religious views should be respected as they have been around for a long time
  • They are based on traditional teachings such as those in the Bible
  • The media should present a range a of ideas but not criticise them
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How the Media Presents Issues to the Public

  • Newspapers - show opinions and highlight changes in the law
  • Internet - Makes news and views available but is not always checked for accuracy
  • Radio - Features or discussions on life and death issues
  • Television news - Informs people on issues
  • Television documentaries - Factual focus on life and death issues
  • Soap operas and television dramas - Storylines deal with difficult issues, which viewers can relate to
  • Situation comedies - Use everyday situations for comedy but can also deal with issues
  • Cartoons - Deal with issues in a more light-hearted way
  • Films - Many look at life and death issues in depth
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