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  • Abortion
    • UK LAW
      • Made legal in 1967
      • Allowed if;
        • Pregnancy is a risk to physical/mental health of woman.
        • Child will suffer mentally/physically
        • Child will be seriously disabled.
        • Woman has been *****.
    • Pro Choice
      • Is a personal matter for an individual to choose
      • Quality of Life is important
      • Pregnancy ruins career of woman
      • Risk of mothers life outweighs the babies.
    • Pro life
      • Abortion is murder
      • 'Love Thy Neighbour' getting rid of a baby is not loving
      • Abortion is seen as a form of contraception
      • Results in depression leaving mental scars
    • Religious Reasons
      • Life is sacred and a gift from God
      • Children are a blessing and should be cherished
      • Only God takes life. Abortion messes up Gods plan
    • Muslim Views (Allowed if...)
      • Mothers life is at risk "Lesser of two evils"
      • Mothers life is established carry out responsibilities
      • She is already apart of a family
      • Foetus is suffering from genetic defect.


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