R.E matters of life and death

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  • R.E - matters of life and death.
    • Do you think the media should be free to criticise what religion says about life & death?
      • Freedom of expression is a basic human right which is needed for democracy to work, & if the media have freedom of expression than they must be free to criticise       religious attitudes to matters of life & death.
        • Life & death issues are so important to everyone that people want to know what the right view is. This could not be done if religions were allowed to put forward views that no one could criticise.
    • Explain why Catholics believe in life after death.
      • The main Christian belief is that Jesus rose from the dead as this is what is recorded in the Gospels & New Testament. This proves life after death.
      • St. Paul teaches that people will have a resurrection like that of Jesus.
      • The major creeds of the Church teach that Jesus rose from the dead & that there will be life after death.
      • The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that there is life after death. The Catechism contains the teachings of the Magisterium, which all Catholics should believe in.
    • "Everyone should have the right to euthanasia if they have no quality of life."
      • Some Christians are for euthanasia as discoveries in medicine mean that people who would've died are being kept alive, often in agony, & people should have the right to die when they have no quality of life. Medical advances mean it's hard to know what's God's wishes about someone's death are. God may want someone to die but doctors are keeping them alive. The teaching of Jesus on loving your neighbour can be used to justify assisting suicide, as it might be the most loving thing to do.
        • Some Christians are against euthanasia due to their belief in the sanctity of life. Life is created by God & so it's up to God, not humans, when people die. They also regard it as murder which goes against the 10 commandments. They believe that the switching off of life-support machines is euthanasia & is wrong as life is being ended by humans not God.


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