Matters of Life

Relgious Studies revision cards on Matters of Life for GCSE.


When does life begin?

Fertiltity Treatments

Blood Transfusions

Organ Donations

Human Experiments


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Matters of Life: Keywords

Absolute Morality

Relative Morality

Sanctity of Life

Value of Life - how important life is compared to another, greater good

Quality of Life - how good life is

Human Genetic Engineering - eg. designer babies

Embryology - testing and research on embryos, legal upto 14 days

Designer babies - seen as wrong as playing at God, also illegal to create with a disabilty however, screening for a disablity is legal

Saviour sibling - mixed views as imoral but also

Human-Animal hybrid embryo - mix of human and animal tissue to test on

Ensoulment - a foetus gets it soul at 128 days

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Matters of Life: Laws

Surrogacy -

  • No payment to be made
  • Advertising is illegal
  • Parents must be over 18 and married

Human fertisation and Embryology Act 1990 -

  • Donors sperm or eggs must be anonymous
  • A donor has no rights over the baby when it is born
  • Frozen embryos may be stored for up to 10 years
  • Scientific experiments may be carried out on an embryo for 14 days, but then it must be destoryed
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Matters of Life: Religious Beliefs

Roman Catholics

  • Against fertility treatment or surrogacy. They believe it should be left in Gods hands
  • Against AID as seen as cheating
  • Against embryo research because they believe the foetus is a human being from conception
  • Against cloning that leads to designer babies
  • Theraputic cloning seen as greater good


  • Ok with fertility treatment and surrogacy
  • Against AID as seen as cheating
  • Ok with embryonic research as it helps people
  • Many are against cloning that leads to 'designer babies' because it is 'playing God'
  • Some believe theraputic cloning is justified if it leads to cures to diseases

Jehovahs Witnesses

  • Against blood transfusions
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Matters of Life: Cloning


  • Illegal to clone human: even though its able
  • Very expensive
  • Successful with animals - Dolly the Sheep
  • Stem cells - unidentifed cells
  • Stem cell research
    • after 14 days have to be disposed of as it is when life begins
  • two types:
    • theraputic cloing
    • reproduction
  • Reproduction is to create something exactly the same
  • Theraputic to create something to test on/ save lives to test effects of drugs etc.
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Matters of Life: Quotes


  • "Do not murder"
  • "Love your neighbour as you love yourself"
  • "You knit together in my mothers womb"
  • "Hannah had none,... and the Lord had closed her womb"
  • "You are made in the image of God"

Jehovahs' Witness

  • "The life of the creature is in the blood"


  • "Do not take life - which Allah had made sacred - except for a just cause"
  • "It is He, Allah, who created you from a simple being"
  • "If anyone had saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people"
  • "None can be their mothers except those who gave them birth"
  • "He gives daughters to who will and sons to who he gives"
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Matters of Life: Religious Beliefs


  • Allah created life
  • Fertility treatment allowed is the are married, apart from AID as classed as cheating
  • Surrogacy not allowed as it involves pregnacy outside of marriage
  • Against genetic engineering, cloning and embryo research
  • For blood transfusions and organ transplants if it is the last resort
  • Most against cloning as it undermines the identity of a person created by God
  • Embryos should not be used or created for reseach, but those left over from IVF treatment can be used
  • Believe in 'blood ties' - not allowed to have someone elses blood in your body, includes adoption
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Matters of Life: Keywords

Quickening - first movement

Theraputic cloning - cloning parts of a body that can be used as a illness cure

Reproductive cloning - bad as seen as playing God

Embryo cloning - removing cells from an embryo to grow a seperate embryo

Cloning - producing a genetically indentical individual

Surrogacy - Having a baby for someone else

AID - Anonymous donors sperm are used

AIH - The husbands sperm are used

IVF - fertisation of the egg outside of the womb before being placed in the womb

Transplant Surgey

Blood transfusion


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