Christianity - 1B Jesus' Resurrection


Luke 24 [Resurrection]

  • JC body disappeared from tomb
  • Mary Mag. told disciples that JC has risen but they did not believe her
  • JC appeared, walked w/ two people. Did not realise he was JC and told him about the crucifixion + finding the empty tomb. 
  • Those people went to discoples and said 'the Lord has risen and has appeared to simon'
  • JC appeared again + startled them
  • Told disciples to stay in city until God called upon them
  • JC ascended to heave and blessed disciples he worshipped him and returned to Jerusalem. 
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Mark 16 [Resurrection]

  • Sunday Morning - Mary mag., Salome and Mary (mother of James) found stone covering tomb had moved
  • Angel appeared in tomb and told them that JC had risen
  • Fled tomb as they were scared
  • Mary Mag. sees JC who tells her not to be afraid
  • Mary tells the disciples who do not believe her
  • JC apears to disciples as they were eating and they then believed
  • JC is taken to heaven and his disciples went everywhere to preach 
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Bultmann [Resurrection]

  • Aimed to prove that narratives of the life of JC were offering theology in story form and that the events are not historical. 
  • Thought that there was a historical JC who did exist who became known as JC from the gospel writers' description and legends
  • JC's death and birth is historical (proven) but his rebirth and resurrection are historic (believed to be true but not proven)
  • Bultmann believed the resurrection story was not historical but still had spiritual significance. 
  • His approach was to re-interpret the myths about JC in modern terms.
  • Bultmann highlights orrelation between faith and resurrection, only in the event of faith can we know God. The only knowledge of God which arises from out living encounter of God through the proclamation of the resurrection of the Crucified one. 
  • Bultmann seeks to take us beyond subjective and objective interpretations of the resurrection
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Centrality of the Resurrection

  • Verified JC being the messiah, this means his promoses and teachings were true
  • Proves that God can have victory over death, proving his omnipotence
  • Opened ther way to eternal life for those who believe in JC and God
  • After dying for everyone's sins, JC gave humans the chance to access a relationship with both him and God
  • It follows a prohecy made by Jonah when he was trapped for three days and three nights; after the same amount of time JC resurrected and this proved that he was the 'Son of Man'
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