"God - A Brief History" by Bowker J.

A mind map showing the fundamental ideas regarding "God - A Brief History" by Bowker J. which could be the text which appears in the Unit 4 exam. This text appeared in the paper in June 2013.

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  • "God - A Brief History" Bowker
    • Summary
      • Universal salvation is Jesus' purpose.
      • Jesus is the fulfilment of Old Testament prophesies, showing God's plan of salvation.
      • Jesus "fully God yet fully Man". The Trinity.
      • God actively seeks and gets involved in humanity through Jesus.
      • The Nicene Creed confirms Jesus' divinity.
    • Links to Unit 3
      • Kingdom of God - God actively seeks sinners through the Parables.
      • Purpose of Luke's Gospel - Salvation emphasis
      • Jesus' conflicts such as the fulfilment of Old Testament prophesies like the Triumphal Entry.
      • Significance of Jesus' death and resurrection. Plan of Salvation.
    • Links to Other Units
      • Persecution in the Roman world because they believed in the Gospel.
      • Situation Ethics: Agape Love through Jesus' symbolic sacrifice to fulfil God's Plan of Salvation.
    • Links to Religion and Human Experience
      • Knowing God and salvation is available to all will increase conversion for Christianity.
      • Jesus' death and resurrection serves as humanity's rescue from sin, death and Hell. It puts right the consequence of The Fall.
      • We can know God first hand through the Holy Spirit which increases awareness of God.
      • The Church has a responsibility to tell people so they can be saved, which could cause conflict amongst those who choose not to believe.
      • Showing Jesus is the Son of God proves he is the Messiah which confirms Christians' faiths.


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