Religious Studies - Unit 2F

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  • Significant to every religion
  • Tried to be understood by everyone at one point in their life
  • Christians - NT
  • Without the resurrection of Jesus, Christianity would not exist
  • Gospel accounts of the resurrection
  • Refer back to question
  • NT is actually down to the readers own opinion on it
  • In my Opinion
  • Only adds value to the people who believe in the religious message behind it
  • Agree or disagree with the claim
  • Up to the reader whether to use the NT as a source
  • Good starting place for Christianity as it has useful Gospel accounts etc in
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  • Refer Gospels to Questions
  • Many descriptions of the resurrection of Jesus
  • Gospels vary - some evidence of physical and some spiritual
  • Spiritual :
  • LUKE 24:15
  • Jesus could have been seen as a different person
  • JOHN 20
  • Tell's Mary to touch him
  • Scholars disagree as desciples eat with Jesus later that day - Physical?
  • MATTHEW 28:9
  • LUKE 24:39
  • LUKE 12:40
  • Supports understanding of the NT
  • However discrepancies make Gospels unreliable for understanding
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  • Could have been biased or exaggerated to encourage belief in Jesus
  • Despite the Gospel contradiction, Christians chose to believe it anyway 
  • NT is important for Christians
  • JOHN 20:30-31
  • Jesus died to atone their sins and ensure they have eternal life
  • Scholars criticise this
  • Gospels are all different so hard to gain value from them
  • MATTHEW 28
  • Gospel accounts were completely different as none of the other accounts include this in detail
  • Overall
  • Gospel accounts only significant to Christians 
  • Not to anyone else
  • Criticsms show that there is no form of LAD for people to understand
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  • "If Christ has not been raised, your preaching is useless and so is your faith."
  • Indicative of how significant the resurrection of jesus is to Christianity
  • Pauls letters most reliable - written no later than 25 years after crucifixion
  • Earliest written evidence for it
  • He believes basis of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus
  • "And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is fultile, and you are still in your sins"
  • Wrote to say that if you believe in Jesus, you will resurrect
  • "But if it is preached that Christ has been risen from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection from the dead?"
  • Beginning of his letter:
  • "For what i have received i have passed onto you as of first importance, that Christ has died for our sins according to the scriptures that he was buried and he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures and then he appeared to Cephas, and then to the twelve."
  • Paul was focused on a specific group of people - Churches
  • Pauls letters are detailed enough to have an understanding of LAD
  • Scholars - obvious it appeals to Jewish and Hellenistic cultures - Info like Isiah Quotes
  • Majority of cultures at that time
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PAUL (continued)

  • Paul only appealed to two cultures 
  • Did not just record facts and information
  • Paul used to persecute believers in Jesus
  • Transition to Christianity gives reliable account for Christianity- sacrificing his life for Jesus
  • Messaniac Prophecies fulfilled in NT
  • Dualistic nature of the human body is compared to Hellenistic beliefs
  • Account of issues that face the modern day Christians in their wait for Jesus and the understanding it gives of LAD is consistent
  • Evaluate the Question
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John Hick

  • John Hick may defend the resurrection of Jesus with his Replica Theory
  • This is a study which is in two stages, he said that if someone died in London and appeared in New York who had identical appearance, personality and memory, he claims that people would think that it is the same person. 
  • This shows that if resurrection takes place, we can logically conceive that there would be continuity of identity (i.e. it’s the same person) between the earthly person and the resurrected person.
  • This would suggest that the concept of resurrection can be defended against some of its philosophical criticisms (namely that continuity of identity could not take place in a resurrection like that of Jesus/the one described in 1 Cor 15)
  • Therefore the value of the NT account of resurrection is not reduced by this criticism.
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  • Refer to Question - against NT
  • Experienced LAD themselves
  • E.g. Near death experience - at one with religious figure - 'tunnel of light'
  • Have an own personal understanding of LAD
  • Value of LAD still significant to Christians so NT sill have value
  • Heaven also known as Paradise LUKE 23 above earth - close to God - holy
  • Hell seen as place of sin, pain and punishment
  • OT ISIAH 28
  • afterlife and place of the dead
  • Teach Christians to be moral and good a Christian as possible - access to heaven
  • Jesus' resurrection allowed Christians to gain oneness with God
  • JOHN 3:16
  • NT summarises Christian belief through quote
  • Jesus resurrected to enable the future of Christianity to have eternal life
  • Refer back to question - support?
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  • Agree or disagree with the question?
  • Shown in Paul - contradict himself with the Gospel accounts throughout NT
  • e.g. says resurrection of Jesus was spiritual and accounts for people e.g. Matthew disagrees
  • Not a good understanding of NT as each accounts says different things
  • I believe... refer back to question
  • Christians would disagree because most of it is written with afterlife as motivation
  • e.g. entire purpose of John was to allow people to enter the afterlife 
  • NT is significant to Christians
  • Other people like materialists, athiests, other religious groups may not support it
  • Historicity of resurrection in NT does not add good understanding through arguments against resurrection 
  • Make more sense to people who do not have an understanding of LAD
  • May not make sense and lack equal understanding of LAD
  • To Conclude.... 
  • LAD can be found by better sources
  • Unless Christian
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