Christianity and Resurrection: Introduction

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  • Christianity and Resurrection: Introduction
    • Definition: The belief in an afterlife that involves the embodied existence of individuals.
    • A belief in a continuation of human existence after death has always been central to Christians.
    • Based upon the belief that Jesus rose from the dead.
      • It is important to most Christians to believe that the resurrection was a physical event and that Jesus had more that a spiritual, ghost like, body.
    • In the1st Century, the apostle Paul is seen defending the bodily resurrection by using the resurrection of Jesus in Corinthians 1.
      • However, according to Scripture, he had different powers.
        • He was not easily recognised.
        • Walked through walls.
        • Indicates a belief that the resurrected bodies of the dead will have a different character to our present bodies.
      • "When the body is buried, it is moral; when raised, it will be immortal."


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