Childcare practices and their effects


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Factors affecting day care

List four factors that have been shown to effect quality of day care:

Low staff turnover - constant changes in staff could mean an attachment formed with a child is taken away and the child's development suffers.

Good Staff training -staff who are badly trained are more likely to neglect a child and the child may become delinquent. 

Staff dedication - unwilling staff can damage a child's progression of development.  

Ratio of staff to children - each child should be assigned to one particular member of staff to ensure they're not left out/neglected

Why do these factors make it difficult to make definite statements about day care?

Not all day care centres are the same - they vary in quality.

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Day care

Schaffer suggested that what was also needed to ensure a healthy development?

  • Verbal interaction should be one-to-one
  • Sufficient stimulation - suitable books and toys were needed
  • Sensitive emotional care 

What did Tizard find out about conversations between mother and child?

They were more complex compared to nursery teacher and child. 

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Day care

What is the 'Theatre of Attachment'?

It's an innovative approach - it brings about attachment between adoptive parents and children who've suffered abuse; (in their family of origin) they explore troublesome problems through theatrical re-enactment.

Why is it useful?

It creates new perspectives of seeing themselves and those around them - essentially it brings children and adoptive parents closer and gives confidence and support to the children. 

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Day care

What is 'Sure Start'?

It's a government initiative which aims to provide high quality day care for young children and support for their families. 

Why was it started?

Research from Field -the more time children spend in day care the more friends they had and the more extra curricular activities they engaged in. 

Who do they target?

Children under the ages of 4 in families all over England. 

What is their aim? (2)

  • To enhance the life chances of yound children 
  • Developing new services 
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