Areas of psychology

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  • Helps us understand the extent to which behaviour is affected by other people
    • Practical applications: Milgrams study into obedience showed we should be wary of being blindly obedient
      • Research can be used in schools as responsible authority figures can be used to teach kids
        • Research often seeks to explain real world events: ww2
          • High ecological validity especially if field exp are used
  • Research is socially sensitive so its hard to stay within ethical guidelines
    • Boundaries can become blurred between social and cognitive area
  • limits to the way info can be gathered, may have to rely on self report data which can be affected by demand characteristics
    • Sperry asked p's toperform tasks or anser questions about what they had experienced, could have said that they thought researcher wanted to hear. (not valid)
      • Explanations of behaviour based on biology alone is too simplistic (reductionist) avoid overplaying importance of biology
  • Research with children may raise ethical issues such as consent and protection
    • Using children as participants highlights practical issues such as making inferences from behaviour as they can't tell us
    • Developmental
      • Study of how and why human beings develop over the course of their lives
  • Lacks a set of defining beliefs about why people behave the way they do, more disagreement in this area than others
    • Much of the research is socially sensitive and it has the potential to be put to harmful use
      • The tools for measuring differences may not be valid (Freud)


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