Evaluating cultural variations in attachment


Criticisms of research on cultural variations in attachment

Rothbaum et al (2000) argued that attachment theory is not relevant to other cultures because it is so rooted in American culture. He looked at the contrasts between American and Japanese culture:

1.sensitivity hypothesis - Bowlby and Ainsworth believed secure attachment was related to caregiver responsiveness and sensitivity. Rothembaum et al argued this reflects American ideas of autonomy, whereas in Japan, sensitivity is about promoting dependance rather than independance

2.continuity hypothesis - Bowlby and Ainsworth proposed infants that are more securely attached go on to develop more socially and emotionally. This means being independant and able to regulate one's own emotions. However in Japan, this means not showing feelings and being group-orientated rather than self-orientated

3.secure base hypothesis - In American, secure attachments are seen as providing an infant with a secure base in which they are able to…


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