Evaluation of Daycare Research

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Evaluation of Daycare Research

  • Quality of Daycare
    Campell et al. suggest that a limitation of research into daycare is that most of the studies have examined the quantity of daycare but have not considered the quality of daycare the child recieves.This may be important in relation to the overall effects on children. It is possible the stuides that report more positive effects on social behaviour involve high quality daycare than those who report negative effects. In support of this EPPE project looked at large numbers of children in different pre-school provisions and found that high quality day care was associated with greater sociabilty than other children. Therefore, the quality of daycare needs to be taken into consideration when looking at the effects of daycare on social development.
  • Practical Implicatons
    The standard of daycare has generally improved especially with the introduction of OFSTED which aims to raise standards and promote consistency in childcare practices. Daycare research done by Davis also found that children from low-income families who have recieved daycare had better self-esteem, high…


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