How research into attachment and daycare has influenced childcare practices

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How research into attachment and daycare has influenced childcare practices.

  • Keyworker
    A child needs to have a secure attachment with an adult. The implication of this is that it has influenced childcare practices with the introduction of a keyworker. The keyworker is a named person who acts as a significant adult for each child during their time in nursery. This adults is there to see to the needs of the child and for them to use their attachment figure in times of stress, notably at the beginning of the day when parents drop them off and at collection time when they are anxious about their parents return. De Schipper found that the availability of the keyworker is significantly correlated to the childs emotional wellbeing. The keyworkers job is to be emotionally available to the child and provide warmth and security to help them settle into their nursery day.
  • Adoption and foster care
    Early psychological research done by Hodges and Tizard and Rutter have shown the negative effects of institutionalisation. Rutters research in particular supported the idea of a sensitive period during which multiple attachments may lead to disinhibited attachments. The implication of this is that institutional care changed…


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