Birmingham - revitalising CBD

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  • second largest city in Britain
  • multicultural
  • Balti Triangle famous for its curry houses
  • Brindley Place: a super-modern development with luxury hotels and restaurants
  • nightlife of Broad Street (lined with bars and clubs) gives the city a real buzz
  • 'The Bullrings' shopping centre has 140+ shops with the latest designs, fashion and electronics
  • The City of Birmingham Synphony Orchestra and Birmingham Royal Ballet provide culture
  • St Paul's Square is the place to go for the latest in popular music
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  • £400 million spent on transforming Brindley Place
    • old warehouses by the canal
    • converted into a smart, modern pedestrian zone
    • contains upmarket apartments, offices, hotels, reataurants and cafes
  • nearby visitor attractions include the Natioal Indoor Arena (NIA) and Sea Life Centre Aquarium
  • traditional shopping streets in city centre have been pedestrianised
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New Developments

  • new bullring development reopened in 2003
    • more than 140 major shops and parking for over 3,000 cars
    • created 8,000 jobs
    • largest indoor shopping complex in Europe
  • special attention given to redesign Bullring's building
    • would help to make Birminghm's CBD look attractive to visitors
    • contains a Selfridge store
    • covered in 15,000 spun aluminium discs
  • buildings in the Jewellery Quarter restored
    • makes it attractive for tourists to visit
  • Custard Factory built in 1900
    • deelopment company called SPACE, developed it for a centre of creative industries
    • in 1st stage of development, 500 artists and small creative enterprises accomodated in small studios and workshops
    • further developments include: a theatre, cafe, antiques shops, meeting rooms, dance studios, art galleries, bars and a nightclub
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The Big City Plan

  • sets out how Birmingham will improve in next 20 yrs
  • identifies five key areas of development costing £10 billion
  • aims to increase city core by 25% by improving transport connectivity through city centre
  • will provide more than 5,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs
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Improvements to Traffic

  • park and ride schemes
  • bus lanes
  • metro
  • car sharing
    • free scheme offered through approved employers
    • sharing a journey one day a week seves £200 a year, helps reduce CO₂, reduces journey time and means you can use car share lanes
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